Director Joel Schumacher, responsible for films like Garotos Perdidos (1987), Falling Down (1993) and A Time to Kill (1996), passed away today (22). He was 80 years old and had been battling cancer since 2019.

Born in New York, Schumacher started working in fashion, and in 1973 he was responsible for the costumes for Woody Allen’s The Sleeper. As a director, he started his career in 1974, and in 1987 he became known for the film Garotos Perdidos. The horror comedy also consolidated the name of actor Kiefer Sutherland (24 Horas). In the 1990s, he released One Day of Fury, one of his most important films, which featured Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall and Barbara Hershey.

The controversial Bat-Nipples

In 1995, he made what would be one of his most remembered films: Batman Forever. The adaptation of one of the most iconic characters in the comics had a good box office, but the director was criticized for the exaggeration of the hero. In 1997, he repeated the dose with Batman & Robin, who maintained the same tacky style, common in the older Dark Knight comics.

He still had relevant works like 8mm: Eight Millimeters and Nobody’s Perfect in 1999, By a Thread in 2002, The Cost of Courage in 2003 and the adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera in 2004. His last work as a director was on the series House of Cards, where he commanded two episodes of the first season.


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