The Killing Joke, Silence … These comic books which Matt Reeves could take inspiration from for his version of The Joker.

Ha ha ha ha. The Crime Prince’s laughter may be heard again in the movies, and faster than we imagined. Indeed, a recent rumor attests to the wish of Matt Reeves to introduce the Joker in the trilogy started by The Batman. The famous enemy of Batman would also be cited at the end of this first blockbuster. An unsurprising choice despite the release of Joker in 2019, the criminal being difficult to dissociate from the vigilante universe of Gotham. If the rumors were to be confirmed, what comics could inspire the trilogy? This is precisely the question we are asking.

For now, we know that the Batman by Robert Pattinson will be younger than the version of Ben Affleck, and vigilante recently. We also know that Matt Reeves plans a whole gallery of villains to face Bruce Wayne. There is also a narrative arc during which the latter is forced to face several enemies at the same time, it is Silence (Hush in original version). In this comic book, a childhood friend who became an enemy of Bruce Wayne returns in his life to harm him and take revenge. He thus teams up with the Sphinx, and both of them call, among others, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Gueule d’Argile, Double-Face, or Poison Ivy. For his part, Batman is helped by Selina Kyle alias Catwoman.

This event does not happen at the very beginning of Bruce Wayne’s career, but time can easily elapse between The Batman and his sequel, but also during the film. This arc can also be adapted to match the timeline of the blockbuster. When we talk about the Joker, it’s hard not to mention The Killing Joke, which is today considered to be his original reference story. It is a very dark and violent comic book, which in addition to explaining the origins of the Joker, leads Batgirl to become Oracle. The latter loses the use of his legs after being shot at by the Joker. The Killing Joke is without doubt THE ultimate comic book when it comes to Batman’s great enemy. For now, it has only been adapted into an animated version.

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Again, this is an event that arrives long after Bruce Wayne’s debut as a vigilante, but it would be interesting if Matt Reeves was inspired by it, if only to introduce the Joker and his origins in his trilogy. Finally, another very significant event in the Batman comic books could also serve as inspiration. It is about the famous arc Mourning in the Family, which ends in the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin, beaten to death by the Joker. Since the films of the 90s, the famous young Batman acolytes have been rather absent from the big screen. The death of Jason Todd broke the hearts of many readers at the time of his release, and had a very significant psychological impact on Bruce Wayne. This murder also showed how dangerous the Joker was and could be ruthless. While we can’t predict what could be Matt Reeves’ inspirations, one thing is certain, if one of these three comic books were among them, DC Comics fans would be delighted!


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