As a faithful devotee of Zack Snyder and its many excesses, it is logical and normal that ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is my favorite feature film of the failed shared DC universe, and one of my leading superhero titles. But long before Batfleck came into our lives, a version of this crossover was about to come true.

Around the year 2001, Warner Bros. already considered the idea of ​​facing the Son of Krypton and the Masked Crusader in a film that would have been directed by Wolfgang Petersen —’Das Boot ‘,’ Burst’—, and in which Colin Farrell and Jude Law would have given life to Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent respectively.

Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, responsible for the script for ‘Seven’, was commissioned to write a first version of the story, but director, producer and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman took over as scribe after he left the project. Today, in an interview with Collider, Goldsman has delved into his vision for ‘Batman v Superman’:

“I wrote this version of ‘Batman v Superman’ in which Colin Farrell was chosen to play Batman, Jude Law to play Superman, and Wolfgang Petersen was going to direct. We were in pre-production and it was going to be the darkest thing you would have seen Never. It started with Alfred’s funeral, Bruce had fallen in love and had given up being Batman, the Joker murders his wife, and then you find out that it was all a lie, that the very love was created by the Joker to break Bruce. a time when you could shape these stories into a script, but they couldn’t come true. Somehow, the expectations, whether they were from the public or business, didn’t land the way I imagined when we put them on paper. ”

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The World’s Finest
In addition to making us fantasize about what could have come out of such a premise, Goldsman has added more meat to the grill by comparing this vision with the ‘The World’s Finest’ comic series, published by DC between 1941 and 1986.

“It was really ‘The World’s Finest’, in a dark and interesting way. I think it could have been charming. On the other hand, not a part of me is sad that Nic Cage didn’t become Superman. So, I guess in All that period of time, there were victories that were seen and defeats that were avoided (laughs). ”

I do not know about you, but I would not mind in the least traveling to an alternative reality in which this ‘Batman v Superman’ came to be released …


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