According to the information provided by reliable sources, Battlefield 6 is expected to be added to the Xbox Game Pass service on the day it is released.

New rumors continue to come about Battlefield 6, one of the most anticipated productions of this year. It has been claimed that Battlefield VI, which is said to offer an unprecedented gaming experience to players with previously shared reports, will now be included in the Xbox Game Pass service on the day it is released.

The owner of this claim is Xbox Era, known for its podcasts about the Xbox ecosystem. Era, known for his accurate discourse before, stated that the new Battlefield game will be included in the service from the first day it is released. While these statements of the Xbox Era had great repercussions in the gaming industry, Tom Henderson, one of the trusted names in the industry, also referred to this statement by Era. Henderson’s move strengthened the possibility that all these rumors were true. Of course, it should be noted that there is no official statement on the subject from the EA and Xbox front for now.

As you know, Xbox has been following a very aggressive strategy lately. In this direction, the platform, which first purchased ZeniMax Media and added Bethesda games to Game Pass, later included EA Play in the service. In addition, the company that added Outriders to the platform on the day it was released, announced that it will add MLB The Show 21, which was developed by PlayStation Studios, to the platform on the day of its release, on April 20.

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Considering these moves of the company, we anticipate that Battlefield 6 can also be added to the service from the day it is released.


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