New rumors have emerged from the new game from Electronic Arts’ popular game series Battlefield. The game’s online matches can have a day and night cycle.

The new game of Battlefield, one of the popular series of the game world, continues to be eagerly awaited. Since the game is still not announced, another rumor emerges every day. This time the rumor comes from Tom Henderson, who is now a familiar name.

Tom Henderson, who had previously transferred a lot of information, revealed a new rumor about the game. He gave details of a trailer that will be released in the near future. He said that the trailer of the game will start on a sunny map during the day, and at the end of the trailer, it will get dark on the same map and the weather conditions will change.

Saying that the trailer is very effective, Henderson added that the day and night cycle will also be in online matches and the weather conditions will be much more effective. You can find Tom Henderson’s post below.

According to the latest rumors, the game will be introduced next week. Tom Henderson’s mention of an upcoming trailer also reinforces this rumor, and we hope it is introduced and we can learn the official information.

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