BEASTARS News: Through messages on Twitter it was confirmed that a new season of BEASTARS is on the way, with the same studio in charge


The second season of BEASTARS recently premiered on Netflix. Although it barely made it to this service, it actually came out several months ago in Japan. So many fans have been waiting for the third to be confirmed for a long time.

Fortunately, the wait is over, as a new wave of episodes was confirmed this Tuesday. Who revealed it was Orange, the studio responsible for the first two installments. That was through his Twitter account.

BEASTARS will have a new season soon

In its message, the company mentioned that “a new story arc is confirmed.” In addition, he thanked those who have supported the program, and by the way, confirmed that he will take charge of this animated adaptation.

The latter was to be expected, since so far this animation house has done a very good job. Especially using 3D computer models. It is one of the companies that best handles this technology in Japan.

To celebrate the announcement of the new season of BEASTARS, a new illustration was shared. This was done by Paru Itagaki, the creator of the manga.

There appear Legoshi, Haru, Louis and Juno, who are the main characters in the story. Even though her work on the show is over, she still supports her anyway.

It is thanks to this that she has achieved notoriety, although until now no one knows her face.

Again, it will be a Netflix exclusive

Even in interviews she decides to use the mask of a chicken, and this is how she draws herself. Returning to the topic, what was not revealed is when this sequel will be available.

With its confirmation just being announced, it is not entirely likely that it will be available in the fall. Actually, it looks more like a project destined for next year. Winter or spring? It all depends on the workload Orange has.

It remains to be seen how much the new season of BEASTARS of the Itagaki manga will cover. Only those who have read this work can have a rough idea about it. At least to see if another delivery can be expected.

In the meantime, it is better to keep an eye out and wait for more details. You can imagine that Netflix will share some extra information at some point. Let’s see when the first trailer is published.


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