Beats Studio Buds News: Apple’s new headphone under the Beats brand emerged thanks to LeBron James before the Beats Studio Buds were introduced. Here is the design!


In the beta versions of iOS 14.6 and tvOS 14.6, which Apple released in recent weeks, the future of a new wireless headset called Beats Studio Buds was revealed. Apple, which has not announced its new headphones yet, is probably waiting for the WWDC 21 event on June 7. However, there is no need to wait a week. The famous star of the NBA, LeBron James, has leaked Beats’ new headphones.

Beats Studio Buds appeared in LeBron James’ ear

The new headphones of Beats, which will come in black, white and red color options, will come with a design called bud. This headset, which will sit directly in the ear, will probably also have the ANC feature. The features of Beats’ new headset, which is expected to be the biggest alternative to AirPods, have not yet been clarified. However, according to estimates, this headset will be in the AirPods Pro setting.

As you know, Apple will bring high quality audio feature to Apple Music in June. However, neither AirPods Pro nor AirPods Max support this feature. It looks like Beats won’t support this headset either. Apple may come as a surprise and bring ALAC codec support. It’s too early to talk about it for now.

In terms of price, Apple is expected to follow a price policy of 150 dollars and above. Let’s see if Beats’ new bass monster headphones, which will be on sale in June, can replace AirPods Pro?


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