Asian country Nepal has encountered an unexpected situation thanks to the measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic. While the air pollution in the country has fallen more than ever before the epidemic period, thanks to the decreasing air pollution, Mount Everest has started to be seen from the capital of the country, Kathmandu.

Many countries have to take drastic measures due to the coronavirus epidemic. In addition to the curfews applied, the fact that people are not asked to leave their house outside of the necessary situations causes the streets to remain empty in many countries.

Thanks to the precautionary measures, fewer cars are now seen on the streets, and industrial activity in many countries has decreased compared to previous periods. Precautions and warnings slow down the spread of the outbreak, while also reducing environmental pollution.

Measures taken against epidemic helped reduce air pollution in Nepal
Thanks to the measures taken against the virus epidemic, one of the places where environmental pollution was reduced was Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Thanks to the precautions taken in the city, which had great problems about air pollution in the previous periods, air pollution has reached a much lower level than before.

The reduction of air pollution in Kathmandu led to the emergence of a view that city residents longed for years. With the reduction of air pollution in the city, Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, about 195 km away, became visible from Kathmandu.

It is an amazing development for Everest to be seen from the city for people living in Kathmandu. Because it was impossible to see Mount Everest because of the air pollution in the city before the epidemic. However, thanks to the precautionary measures, people stay in their homes, while few cars are on the streets of the city compared to previous periods. This allowed the exhaust emissions, which are the biggest responsible of the city’s air pollution, to drop at an unprecedented rate.

Decreased air pollution also reduced respiratory diseases
The low level of air pollution in Kathmandu compared to previous periods caused the number of people who applied to hospitals with respiratory diseases and hospitals as well as seeing Mount Everest. Raju Pangeni, a lung specialist at HAMS Hospital in Kathmandu, said that the symptoms of most of the COPD patients they regularly follow are relieved, and some COPD patients do not need oxygen therapy anymore.

As a result of coronavirus measures in Nepal, the reduction of air pollution and therefore the view of Everest from the capital Kathmandu is a pleasing development. However, after the epidemic measures are removed, it is necessary to take measures in order to prevent the air pollution to reach the level of the old days in the country.


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