Chainalysis has done extensive research on cryptocurrency usage last year. According to the company’s research, a very small portion of crypto money transactions are carried out by criminals.

Allegations Exaggerated
Today, some government officials say that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are used only for illegal purposes. We saw an example of this recently in the statements of the Finnish General Directorate of Customs. He said that Bitcoin is generally used for illegal purposes.

Research by Chainalysis shows that these claims are exaggerated. According to this research, the total value of last year’s cryptocurrency transactions was more than $ 1 trillion. Only 1 percent of these transactions were made by criminals.

Stock Markets Safer
Various studies on cryptocurrency transactions show that criminals use exchanges to launder cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are now safer than before, according to research by Chainalysis. As the cryptocurrency sector grows, stock exchanges grow and so transactions are monitored more closely, thus preventing illegal transactions.

In addition, exchanges are more resistant to hacking attacks than before. Today, we still receive news that hack attacks have been carried out on the stock exchanges, but according to the data of Chainalysis, there is a significant increase in the general security level of the stock exchanges.


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