Research firm TokenInsight scrutinized cryptocurrencies from the stock market and found that, according to the model it developed, most of them were traded below their value.

According to a new report published by the cryptocurrency analytics firm TokenInsight, most cryptocurrencies from the stock exchanges are below their value.

Stock market coins have become an increasing trend in the last two years. Those who hold these crypto coins printed by exchanges have the opportunity to take advantage of the various advantages offered by the exchange, such as lower transaction fees.

The best known are Binance Coin (BNB), which belongs to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. With a market value of $ 2.6 billion at the moment, BNB is the seventh largest cryptocurrency. Each BNB is trading at $ 17.34 at the minutes when the news goes live. Other known stock exchange tokens can be listed as Huobi Token (HT), LEO Token (LEO), KuCoin Shares (KCS) and OCD (OCD).

TokenInsight, which scrutinizes the cryptocurrencies of the stock exchanges in its last report, created a model that calculates the value of stock exchange tokens using various metrics. Accordingly, most of the stock exchange tokens are traded below their value. The model shows that Binance Coin (BNB) should be worth around $ 21.28. As a reason for this, Binance is offered to be a bigger player in the derivative industry day by day and to expand its access to the mainland of China.

Huobi Token (HT), which is currently valued at approximately $ 4.40, is reported to be worth $ 6.28.

Another stock exchange OKEx’s OKB token found buyers at $ 4.99 at the time of the release and should have been worth at least $ 5.39 according to TokenInsight. OKB, which was traded at $ 5.41 in the minutes when the news went live, is fair based on the findings of TokenInsight. The company expresses the $ 5.39 to $ 5.95 range as the fair value range for OCD.

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Also in the report; It is underlined that BNB, OCD and HT are in a strong correlation with ETH.

Bitfinex and KuCoin’s crypto money is above its real value

tokenınsight; While cryptocurrencies like BNB, OCD and HT are below the value or worth what they should be, they do not agree with Bitfinex’s UNUS SED LEO token (LEO). According to the company’s model, the value of LEO should be $ 0.79, currently it is $ 1.24.

Speaking to Decrypt, TokenInsight’s chief analyst Johnson Xu said, “The revenue growth is not high enough to require the current token price.” says.

Finally, the company claims that the fair price of KuCoin, which is currently $ 0.97, is $ 0.87.

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