Ben Wheatley, who has directed some movies that are not very popular in the cinema world and several episodes of Doctor Who, said he wanted to direct Doom and Counter Strike movies.

With the growth and popularization of the game industry, we started to see many game adaptations, movies and series. There are many more films in the making than the adaptations that have been released. Director Ben Wheatley also said that he wanted to make movies like this recently.

Ben Wheatley, who has directed productions such as High-Rise, Free Fire and Doctor Who, recently participated in a podcast and talked about the movies he wants to make there. During the conversation, Wheatley said that the game world and the cinema world are now intertwined, and that he wants to make a Doom or Counter Strike movie.

Since the movie Doom has been made before, we can more or less guess what kind of a movie it will be, but watching the Counter Strike movie would be really interesting. We do not know if we will see these movies one day, but if such a project is considered, it is good to know that he is an enthusiastic director.

Ben Whetlay would normally direct the second movie of the Tomb Raider’s rebooted series, but the plans for the movie changed completely due to the epidemic. His closest movie is In the Earth, which will be released on June 18th.

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