We have listed the applications that turn your iPhone into a DSLR camera for you. Get phone excited with the best camera apps for iPhone.


Unfortunately, Apple has not included mods for professional quality shots in the camera app for years. Application developers are also able to put a stone to Apple with their different algorithms to close this deficiency. Actually, iPhones can take DSLR quality photos. However, you have to use an application for this. With the best camera apps for iPhone, you can take professional quality photos too.


Best Camera Apps for iPhone


Halide, developed by the former Apple engineer, is the best photography app in our opinion. Halide; It has all the advanced controls you’d expect from a professional camera, including shutter speed, ISO and white balance settings. However, Halide offers more than a camera application with manual controls.

The app has some unique features for enhancing photos using artificial intelligence and other technologies. For example, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE (2nd generation) users can take portrait photos of animals and objects even without a telephoto lens. In addition, the application allows taking RAW and RAW + quality photos.


Focus is a must-have app for those who like to take portrait photos with iPhone. Focos allows users to change the blur level in the background of portrait photos at a professional level.

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But Focos goes beyond adjusting the blur of portrait photos as it creates different apertures with multiple bokeh spot effects and presets that simulate the feel of a professional lens in photos. Options to add 3D lighting to improve the blurred background and change the depth map of the photo are also included in the app.

Focos also uses artificial intelligence technologies to create an artificial depth map for any photo, even if it was not taken with the iPhone’s Portrait Mode.


DoubleTake is an application developed by FiLMiC Pro. Thanks to DoubleTake, you can shoot video with both the front and rear cameras at the same time. Those who want to shoot videos using the main, ultra-wide lens and telephoto lenses should definitely try DoubleTake.

Camera + 2

The Camera + application, which has been active since iPhone 4, stands out with its artificial intelligence features. This application, which has ML enhancement features, has features such as ISO and exposure adjustment like its competitors. In addition, this application is the most beautiful, that is, it offers the opportunity to make macro shots. Camera + 2 is a blessing for taking macro photos.

ProCam 8

ProCam 8, which quickly added Apple’s innovations to its application, finally added the feature of taking pictures in Apple ProRAW format to its application. You will not believe the photos you take with this application, which includes ISO, white balance, exposure and all other professional camera features.


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