For some time now people have been isolated at home because of the Corona virus. For this reason, doing sports at home may be a good solution to stay still during this period. We have compiled the ideal iOS and Android apps for sports at home, these apps can guide you to exercise.

5 applications to do sports at home
You can see below 5 apps for doing sports at home, which you can find in Play Store and App Store. Here are the applications that can guide you while doing sports…

Home Exercises
This application is one of the most popular in its field. Having more than 50 million downloads in the Play Store, Home Workouts allow users to do sports at home and do not require any equipment. With this application, you can work specifically for the muscle groups you want to develop or you can start a 30-day training program with the ‘Whole Body’ program. Also, in the application with premium membership section, you need to be a paid member for training with equipment. Apart from that, you can use the application for free.

Nike Training Club
Another application that will help you to do sports at home is Nike Training Club. This app is also very popular and liked by the majority of users. In the Application; You can start training by choosing one of the programs such as start, slim, strengthen. You can use these features for free. In addition, according to the criteria you find yourself; With or without equipment, you can create an exercise program for a specific muscle group or a whole body on certain days of the week. The app also has a premium membership, but you can access the above features for free.

Freeletics Bodyweight
This application draws attention with its social competition environment offered to its users. Users can reach the goals offered by the app, collect points and compare it with other users. You can use the basic features of Freeletics Bodyweight for free. But there is also a premium version of the application.

7 Minute Workout by Down Dog
7 Minute Exercise, which is one of the popular applications of application stores, can be said to be very ideal for users who do not want to spare much time to do sports. With this application, you can choose a muscle group or work with your whole body selection in 7 minutes. To be motivated while doing sports at home, you can do your exercises while listening to the music of your choice in the application. Again, it is one of the applications suitable for sports without equipment in home conditions. You can use the application for free.


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