The new Arkane game will run at 4K at a rate of 60 frames per second on PS5. Deathloop will hit the market with the console and PC in 2020.

Bethesda confirms the performance of Deathloop on PlayStation 5. The new Arkane Lyon will run at 4K resolution at 60 images per second. This has been revealed by the company in an entry on its official blog, where it ensures that the title will take advantage of the advantages offered by the new generation of Sony.

Taking advantage of cutting-edge graphics and PS5 technology such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, Deathloop invites you into a beautiful and immersive world – the true hallmark of an Arkane game, ”they comment.

Both Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo were two of the big surprises of the PS5 presentation. Its temporary exclusivity in console did not enter the pools. While Deathloop will accompany the launch of the console later this year, Tango Gameworks’ latest work will go to an undetermined point in 2021. This does not affect its PC version.

Multiplayer: invade, kill and preserve the loop

It was the company itself that showed the first playable details that we will find in just five months, approximately. The signature single player adventure will be fused with a multiplayer function that will give rise to wild situations. Colt, the protagonist, must try to finish with the eight objectives of the island and thus end the loop in which he is.

The aspirations of Colt (ours) will be faced with those of Julianna, who will try to hunt our hair in order to preserve the loop. Her presence will remain throughout the game; the particularity of the character comes from the hand of who controls it. Different players from all over the world will be able to invade you in a kind of PVP one against one, although the young woman will have the help of all the hostile forces on the map.

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This function can be deactivated so that only artificial intelligence can control it. Be that as it may, the study recommends that we experience mechanics with other humans.


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