The statement made last week caused misunderstandings, Bethesda reopened the new system and fees. The company also apologized to its users for the confusion.

Bethesda announced last week that a ‘Season Pass’ style system will bring Fallout 76 new progress features, ranks and rewards. Some statements made in the announcement by Bethesda last week were interpreted by players that this system will have to be paid for.

The statement said, “Be a part of our summer season opening for free” statement, but the road map of Fallout 76; He revealed that there are summer, autumn and winter seasons. Some players claimed that this statement may mean that the Fall and Winter seasons may not be free.

All seasons are free for everyone, Bethesda said in a statement today:
The players commented, “It shouldn’t take six days to clear the confusion by making a simple explanation.” However, thanks to the explanation, it was determined that the seasonal system, which will gain progress features, ranks and awards, can be played free of charge for all seasons including Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Although players will not pay for the new system, there is still no change in item prices within the game. Some Fallout 76 players have started stocking toilet paper just like in real life due to the coronavirus outbreak. Players not only collect toilet paper; they showcase them in showcases. Since vending machines came to the game, players can sell products to visitors and set their own prices.

In Fallout 76, the value of toilet paper rose up to 25,000 covers. Some players offer a relatively reasonable price, selling it for 500 caps. Although the increase in the value of toilet paper is jokingly, players pay these exorbitant prices. If the system in the game is ‘real money’, there is none. Bethesda made the game available for free for a while, making players who did not leave their home during the coronavirus days.


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