Fraudsters on social media turned to YouTube to be able to collect Bitcoin from people.

Crypto fraudsters are now imitating Apple’s founder Steve Wonziak to steal people’s money. Fraudsters who organize a live broadcast under the name of Wozniak promise people that Wozniak will distribute Bitcoin to them.

Scammers say Apple has decided to distribute 10,000 BTC in total. People are asked to send small amounts of Bitcoin to the address shown in the live broadcast. According to the fraudsters’ claims, those who send BTC to this address will receive at least 1 BTC from Apple.

Bitcoins are Accumulating
Users on social media warn people about this fraud on YouTube. But apparently fraudsters have already begun receiving significant amounts of Bitcoin.

One of the addresses that scammers use now has a balance of 4 BTC. If fraudsters do not send BTC to their address, it means that some people have been fooled by this scam and actually sent BTC to this address.


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