President Donald Trump attended the National Remembrance Day ceremonies, in which American soldiers died in the battles that the United States participated. The Corona epidemic, which killed nearly 100,000 people in the U.S., changed the face of ceremonies in Maryland and Virginia states adjacent to the capital.

President Trump made his speech at the ceremony in Baltimore, instead of the cemetery in Arlington. In the 2020 election of the Republican Trump, possible opponent from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, appeared public for the first time in 2 months.

Social distance memorial

President Trump laid wreaths at the Unknown Soldier Monument at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, with First Lady Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on Monday. The speech the President made traditionally every year during the ceremony was not made this time as part of the Corona virus measures.

Participants in the ceremony at the Unknown Soldier Monument came to the ceremony area wearing a mask. Participants took off their masks only at the time of the ceremony in the area where social distance rules were followed. President Donald Trump did not wear a mask here either.

The second stop of the President was the Fort McHenry monument in Baltimore, Maryland. This place is known as the place where poetry was written on the American flag to celebrate the victory won during the British war in 1812. This poem later became the national anthem of America.

President Trump also delivered his speech on National Memorial Day in Baltimore.

Baltimore Mayor criticized Trump’s visit

Baltimore’s black Mayor Jack Young criticized Trump’s travel to the region at a time when travel warnings were not a good example to the public, saying that they would have a hard time meeting the expenses of the president’s visit at a time when the city’s income lost $ 20 million a month due to the Corona virus outbreak.

White House Spokesperson Judd Deere said on Sunday, “Our brave women and men who had been protecting our freedom for generations did not sit at home. The president will visit such an important historical place in the history of our nation and will not stay at home while honoring their sacrifices. ”

According to the White House Corona Virus Task Force Coordinator Deborah Birx, Baltimore and the capital, Washington, are among the cities with the highest population density. The state of Maryland started to mitigate some measures about a week ago. However, these measures are still in force in the city of Baltimore.

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In a statement he made in the summer of last year, Trump said of Baltimore, “a disgusting rat and mouse nest”, “nobody wants to live here.”

Joe Biden was in public for the first time in 2 months after the ceremony

Joe Biden, who is expected to become Trump’s rival from the Democratic Party in the presidential elections in November in the USA, has been organizing campaign activities at home on the internet since the outbreak since 10 March. Biden, who participated in a number of programs from the television studio he set up at his home, had technical difficulties in broadcasts from time to time.

Joe Biden was outside the camera for the first time as part of the National Memorial Day ceremony after 2 months.

Biden’s wearing a mask drew attention

Together with his wife Jill Biden, Joe Biden laid a wreath in the memory of US soldiers who died in wars at a combat park near his home in Delaware, his hometown.

It was noteworthy that Joe Biden wore a wreath on the monument while wearing a mask unlike Trump.

While there were still questions about whether large-scale rallies and party congresses would be held during the Corona virus epidemic, Joe Biden’s public appearance after 2 months was interpreted as a sign that he would not spend the next 5 months at home until the election.

Trump goes to Florida on Wednesday

The US President is following an intensive program to support normalization after the economic hardship caused by the Corona epidemic.

President Trump travels to the state of Florida on Wednesday to watch two American astronauts be launched into space for the first time in nine years. Trump also played golf at Virginia’s private golf club on Saturdays and Sundays.

Responding to golf criticism from Trump

President Trump responded to Twitter that he went to play golf during the epidemic.

Trump said, “I went golfing on the weekend for the purpose of going out and maybe a little exercise. But the corrupt media that was lying was making it seem like a deadly sin. “If I waited, they would do the same news.”

National Memorial Day is considered an unofficial beginning of the summer vacation in America. However, with social distance practices, flight bans and millions of people unemployed, the US is preparing to enter a different summer season this year.

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