Microsoft’s Bethesda acquisition is expected to be completed next month. A major Bethesda-special event will be held right after the deal is concluded.

Microsoft is planning a major Bethesda event very soon. Journalist Jeff Grubb, whom we know for his reliable information, said Microsoft will hold a major Bethesda-special event right after the completion of the Bethesda acquisition.

Speaking in a podcast he attended, Grubb said, “I think this event will be a milestone for Microsoft before E3. Once the acquisition process is complete, there will be a large-scale promotion for the Bethesda deal. they will give a large-scale introduction about its meaning and future plans. You can expect that in mid-March. used the expressions.

Microsoft is currently waiting for the European Union’s decision to finalize the Bethesda acquisition. It was stated that the official decision of the EU will be announced on 5 March. The Bethesda-special event is expected to be held again in March, right after that.

Last September, Microsoft acquired Bethesda, one of the giants of the game world, for $ 7.5 billion. The Microsoft-Bethesda agreement, which is considered to be the biggest acquisition of the industry in recent years, is expected to have great effects both now and in the future.

In the first stage, all Bethesda games will be added to Game Pass. This is expected to happen next month. Afterwards, Bethesda’s new series such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Doom are expected to be released exclusively for Xbox and PC. Bethesda-exclusive games will have given the Xbox console a crucial leverage in its hands.


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