Having just aired their first episode, the ‘I-LAND’ program has made many viewers know one by one the participants.

One of the participants in the spotlight later was Park Sung Hoon. The participant who joined the survival program as a Big Hit Entertainment trainee was in the spotlight because of his handsome visuals.

A netizen on the Korean online forum on June 27, 2020 said, “This‘ I-LAND audition participant received the most attention after the first episode because of the visuals, “which was agreed and received a lot of support from other netizens.

It was said that Park Sung Hoon was a figure skating athlete, before finally he decided to quit and chose to become a trainee on Big Hit Entertainment for 2 years.

“I think he will be very popular”, “Wow, he will definitely debut”, “He looks very funny when he smiles”, and there are many other netizens’ comments when looking at photos of participants when he became a figure skating.

Have you become one of Park Sung Hoon’s fans?


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