Cryptocurrency analyst and YouTuber Tyler Swope believes that irrational emotional movements could push altcoin players to make a big mistake just before the market makes a big move.



In a new video, Swope tells his 247,000 subscribers that he believes the bears will be left behind as Bitcoin prepares for the next leg of the market cycle: “A.K.A. We are right in the middle of the bear trap (also known as (also known as)), we are still in the awareness phase of this hyper-cycle.” We may not have reached the end of the period of sales before continuous growth.

Big market action is coming for altcoins, according to analyst Tyler Swope!
According to the YouTuber, the awareness stage is when the first sale occurs before the continued growth that leads to new heights. The YouTuber predicts that altcoins are poised to go parabolic, assuming the crypto market is still in the early stages of its boom cycle:

Because, if that’s true, all altcoins will be parabolic once again in this frenzy phase. They call it “crazy” because everyone and everything goes crazy. It is still in question that the relative chaotic situation caused by the immaturity of the awareness stage will not end. You can throw a dart at a spinning dartboard of different altcoins and pick a winner during the frenzy phase.

According to Swope, one of the altcoins it expects to rise is Alchemist (MIST):

One of my top picks for this is Alchemist Coin, MIST. Why are they still one of my top picks? One Word…..MistX.

The analyst explains that the Alchemist project has recently launched MistX, a decentralized exchange that mitigates upfront or backward risks. “MISTX is the world’s first FlashDEX, i.e. for the first time in Ethereum history regular users and gamers have access to Flashbot’s technology!

Flashbots is a distributed and decentralized research and development organization whose purpose is to help solve problems related to MEV (Maximum Inferred Value).

Transactions via MistX do not publish user transaction information in a public mempool, but instead aggregate transactions into Flashbots packages. This effectively hides information from the leading ones and thus prevents your transactions from being manipulated, front-run or compressed.”


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