Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft company, is using Android or iOS. He made me think how could this be with his preference.


Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world as an American entrepreneur, software developer and writer, came up with a striking detail today. The famous name, who has made a name for himself with Bitcoin statements, stated that the crypto money business is not for him. As you may remember, it came to the fore with the disgraceful response of former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to the launch of the first generation Apple iPhone by Steve Jobs on January 7, 2007. At that time, Microsoft was making a name for itself with a successful operating system in Windows Mobile. In fact, when asked about Apple’s new touchscreen phone, Ballmer laughed and said “the world’s most expensive phone.”

Today, it is obvious who has the last laugh in the smartphone market. The best phones in the smartphone market are now Apple’s iPhone series. Despite his great success, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, was among the details reflected in the cameras many times that he used different devices. The famous name surprised everyone with the Clubhouse interview, which is a new and popular social media channel. In the interview, it was asked whether Gates is using Android or iOS.

Bill Gates uses both Android and iOS, how is this happening?

Gates mentioned in an interview that he actually uses an Android phone. As you remember, the famous name was previously claimed to use an iPhone on Twitter. In fact, this claim turned out to be true. You might say how can these two be, but here it is. Anyway, let’s summarize this situation more clearly. In an interview, Bill Gates prefers to use an Android phone throughout the day. However, the famous name who wants to access some news more quickly and quickly uses iPhone phones from time to time.

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