The singer Billie Eilish surprised her millions of followers with a radical change of look, as she walked with a completely different style of clothing.

The singer Billie Eilish surprised her millions of followers with a radical change of look , as she walks with a completely different style of clothing than what we are used to seeing, leaving behind baggy clothes.

Billie Eilish is known as much for her music as for her style, a look with baggy clothes from pants to shirt, so seeing her in something different has made a big impression.

The “Bad Guy” interpreter has been characterized by an image that breaks all stereotypes, from her neon green hair, her favorite color, sweatshirts, shorts and loose clothing.

This is how she has been characterized as an icon of youth fashion, however, it seems that during the quarantine she completely changed her style to dress .

Through social networks, some of her followers have shared a series of photos of Billie Eilish , who decided to take a walk through the city of Los Angeles and that is where you can see that the singer made a radical change from look, since in addition to touching up her neon green locks and dyeing the entire upper part of her hair, she also decided to wear a very different style of clothing.

The singer was seen wearing a brown tank top, which exposed her shoulders, a garment that she does not usually wear, in addition to her classic gray shorts, sandals and Gucci socks, one of her favorites. besides Chanel and wearing a bun hairstyle.

In this way, Billie Eilish highlighted her pale skin tone with the color of her outfit and undoubtedly many were surprised by her change, since it is characterized by loose sweatshirts and t-shirts, but it seems to indicate that she has finally managed to build confidence itself during the quarantine months.

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It is worth mentioning that Billie has confessed on several occasions that her style of dressing, in addition to her own safety, is to prevent people from admiring her just for her physique and wants to avoid unpleasant comments.

On the other hand, among her new projects, the American singer will hold her online concert and launch her own documentary.

The name that this great special concert will carry will be “Where do we go” and in this way Billie Eilish now belongs to the list of celebrities who have given concerts online now it was the turn of the “Ocean Eyes” interpreter.

It was through her social networks that the “Bad Guy” interpreter shared the news with her millions of followers that she would give a live concert on October 24.

So far she has more than 67 million followers on her official Instagram account, however, he does not follow anyone and has only 400 publications and the poster about her next concert on October 24 already has 3,500,000 likes and approximately 29,000 comments.

However, the concert will have a value and the tickets will have a cost of $ 30.

It is worth mentioning that the young singer began her career since she was 14 years old sharing Videos on YouTube which managed to go viral and as an artist she has been active from 2015 to today.

In addition, the official video for “No time to die ‘” has finally been released, a song by Billie Eilish with orchestral arrangements by Hans Zimmer, her song for the long-awaited James Bond film.

And Billie is the youngest artist to be in charge of the main theme of the James Bond franchise, as there is no doubt that her talent is incredible and unmatched.

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