Billie Eilish is one of the most successful and young singers in history, with almost the age of majority, she managed to win 4 Grammy Awards in the main categories.

The singer has earned the affection of the public thanks to her melodious voice and songs with deep lyrics that cover certain youthful experiences, she has also publicly admitted that she suffered from depression, even low self-esteem due to her ex-partners, we tell you what she said.

In a recent interview for GQ magazine, Billie returned to the topic of her clothing, it is known that she prefers to wear loose clothing, one of the reasons is that they do not generate morbidness around her body, but she also confessed that it is because none of her partners made her feel sure of herself.

Billie believes that she was never attractive to her ex-boyfriends, the singer assured that in her past relationships she has never aroused someone’s intimate interest and it is something she has had to deal with a little.

Despite his way of dressing, he clarified that he is not against wearing clothes that reveal beyond his arms, since he has already done so previously. Months ago, Billie confessed that she also suffered from body dysmorphia.

Without a doubt, self-esteem is an issue with which many people struggle, although one must accept himself as he is, sometimes the opinions of others greatly affect our security.


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