Pop singer Billie Eilish has expressed her great love for “The New Abnormal”, the band’s new album The Strokes, assuring that “she can’t stop listening to it”.

The singer held an interview for the Apple Music program “Beats 1”, where she spoke about her upcoming radio show “Me & Dad Radio”.

The conversation touched on various topics such as the current health crisis due to Covid-19, which meant for the singer to postpone her live performances and her progress in creating new material.

At one point, the singer commented that her brother and collaborator Finneas presented her with the latest material from The Strokes.

“I heard a lot of things about it and I didn’t think about listening to it, just because sometimes (even if it’s something I’m interested in) I just don’t try,” says Eilish.

Eilish assured that she has not stopped listening to him. “I’ve been listening to it ever since. 18 times a day, I swear it. ”


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