We will never witness a prom like this

The likes of Billie Eilish and Chance The Rapper have joined a virtual dance launched by John Krasinski for the thousands of students who will miss the high school milestone.

Presenting the “Some Good News” program on YouTube, Krasinski admitted that he “had never been so scared in his entire life” as he had never broadcast live before and said he was “literally the least prepared human on earth to do it” .

He told virtual assistants, who were forced to stay home due to the global pandemic, that “you guys are missing out on a lot and we can’t let dancing be one of them.”

A legion of online students were invited to a performance of “Sucker” and “Bad Guy” by Eilish and his brother Finneas, as well as Krasinski recreating parodies of “The Office” with his co-star Rainn Wilson.

While Chance the Rapper did not act, one of his tracks was played despite Wilson insisting that Krasinski would be infringing on copyrights, prompting the actor to add Chance to a Zoom call to ask if he could have Excuse me.

After giving the go-ahead, he yelled “prom 2020” and told Wilson that he loved him.

Following the presentation, Eilish thanked key health workers for their contributions in the fight during the global pandemic.


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