American billionaire businessman Rick Caruso, founder and CEO of real estate and hospitality company Caruso, said in an interview on Wednesday (April 7th) that his company will soon accept Bitcoin for rent payments from residential and commercial tenants.


Bitcoin acceptance

The billionaire businessman, along with the co-founder and CEO of crypto exchange Gemini, made his comments about crypto on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” program.

Power Lunch host Tyler Mathisen started the interview by asking Caruso what the temptation is not only to invest in Bitcoin, but also to accept lease payments in Bitcoin.

Caruso replied:

“This is a really exciting announcement we made. First of all, we believe that cryptocurrency is permanent. We believe Bitcoin is the right investment for us. This is part of our treasury management and therefore we allocate a percentage of what would normally go to the capital markets to Bitcoin, and we use Gemini as our platform to do this.

“Equally exciting is that Gemini made apps by Winklevoss that would literally be a game changer in the retail experience for consumers. I have always benefited from partnerships with the most innovative, forward-thinking people. Cameron and Tyler are ahead on that. ”


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