Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao expressed his views on what could be the end of Ethereum. According to Zhao, Ethereum’s success may be the cause of its ultimate “end”, similar to how Myspace has become so popular and cannot handle the load:

“Vitalik [Buterin] once said that the ETH killer was ETH. I believe he is ironically right. ETH is overwhelmingly successful. However, its success (not other coins) may be its killer. Perhaps social media is the best example. Friendster, MySpace was hugely popular, could not handle the load, could not keep up with the increase in user / demand. It disappeared. If you’re old enough to remember the early days of the internet, there are many other examples. ”

Zhao continued to praise Ethereum for giving us smart contracts that open doors to ICOs, DeFi and NFTs. However, according to the famous CEO, existing scaling solutions such as Rollups are not user-friendly. Moreover, ETH2.0 is far away and could eventually become the Ethereum killer. CZ explained it as follows:

“Ethereum, ICO’s, DeFi’s, NFT’s etc. created the smart contract market that led. Demand is growing exponentially, ETH has no performance. ETH 2.0 is still far away. Rollup is not user friendly (not decided yet). This is the ETH killer. ”

As a result, Zhao reiterated that Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is not the Ethereum killer. Moreover, according to him, BSC was created from the experience of ‘Ethereum, and it tries to solve the high wage problems.

“BSC is not an ETH killer. It was created with information obtained from ETH and tries to help solve an important problem, high fees. It was not designed that way, or at least not presented to me that way. ”


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