Binance Coin seems to be forming an uptrend pattern that has not yet been confirmed. However, it may see a break towards $ 45 in the coming days. Compound is gaining steady gains by exceeding $ 200 and trying to convert $ 212 for support. However, it may see a correction to $ 180 in the coming days.



Binance Coin (BNB) price analysis

An ascending triangle pattern forms on the BNB charts. This pattern will be confirmed by an upward breakout targeting $ 45.

Losing the $ 39.5 level will cause a decline for BNB and may see it revisit the support at $ 37.2. The RSI climbed above 50 to show bullish momentum, as evidenced by the high-bottom BNB series set over the past few days.

A move in either direction should be supported by above-average trading volume to give legitimacy to the movement, otherwise it indicates a lack of market belief.


Compound (COMP) price analysis

After a dispute between purchase volume and price rally, there could be a correction for COMP for $ 180. OBV has been in an uptrend from $ 130 over the past three weeks, while OBV has set a series of lower peaks.

The short-term momentum is likely strong enough to push the COMP above $ 212, at this stage the drop to $ 190 quickly reversed. The MACD has shown a bearish trend but this also seems to be reversing.


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