Elrond has managed to attract attention with an increase of up to 250% recently. Binance, on the other hand, has achieved the growth it has been waiting for itself for a long time and managed to crown this increase as ATH.

Elrond Gold Token (EGLD)
Elrond Gold Token (EGLD) had started to emerge from its consolidated situation as of February. Elrond, which is still relatively new, was only $ 30 at the beginning of February, but today it has exceeded $ 215. So how did Elrond grow like that?

Overview of Elrond
On almost 11-day charts since the beginning of the month, ELROND recorded an astounding 250%. For the entity that attracts intense interest, we can say that the techniques still show that the rise can come. With the latest developments, the crypto currency exchange Voyager Digital had announced the news of the listing and the listing had a serious effect on the rise.

Elrond is still new to many investors. The EGLD token, the local token of the Elrond platform, provides investors with a payment method as well as staking and rewarding.

Elrond Technical Analysis
Elrond suffered a drawback, as expected, after reaching as high as $ 217 last day. The asset, which regressed to the $ 170 band, is visible on the 4-hour charts for a long time, which has tried to find support at these levels. Withdrawal after ATH is normal, but this withdrawal may continue for a while.

Parabolic SAR data shows the price is pushing down. However, the CMF indicator indicates the decrease in demand as being negative. Also, the RSI is moving fast to neutral levels in the overbought territory. Although all these indicators are negative for now, a retreat can be considered as the first key to rising again. Although this momentum in a few days is seen as a missed trend for many investors, the correction point may drop to the $ 152 band. For investors, it can create opportunities to trade on these bands.

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Binance Coin (BNB)
Binance coin (BNB) has experienced a movement that can be considered as one of the stars of the week. The asset, which reached 140% of its overall weekly growth, has attracted many new investors. The asset, which reached $ 148, which is ATH for itself, crossed the $ 100 band for the first time in almost 4 years and continued on its way quickly. This asset withdrawn after ATH is currently trading at $ 123 and has a market value of almost $ 20 billion.

Another remarkable situation for BNB is the day when the record level of $ 148 was experienced, the day when the Ethereum transaction volume was exceeded by BNB. Binance’s low cost of DApp solutions seems to have resulted in it being a competitor for Ethereum.

What Do Binance Techniques Show?
A new B. Bands squeeze is visible on the 1 hour charts. The BNB value, squeezed between $ 120 and $ 127, may experience some movement. Apart from that, the SAR data on the hourly chart creates a sell signal for BNB. The CMF indicator is in the negative region and the RSI is in the 48 band close to the neutral level. The OBV indicator points to the high transaction volume in a very positive area.

The MACD remains in the negative zone. With all these, it may not be right to expect the uptrend. There is a higher probability of retreat for a while. BNB is currently trading at $ 122.5. A break below the $ 120 band could move up to a lower support point at $ 108.


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