Binance made an important announcement today and announced that the coin named Conflux Network (CFX) will be listed. The statement included the following statements.



The building, the conflux Network (CFX) CFX lists to and / BTC CFX / BUSD and CFX / USDT trading pairs for March 29, 2021 Turkey 14 clock hours: 00 will start trading.

Users can now start trading CFX in preparation for trading.

What is the Conflux Network (CFX)?

Conflux Network is a scalable and decentralized blockchain network that aims to provide high throughput and rapid approval. Unlike Ethereum, which accepts transactions on a single chain into its ledger, Tree-Graph consolidates and processes transactions in all blocks simultaneously. CFX is the Conflux Network’s native service token and is used for consensus union, ecosystem promotion, governance and takeover.

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