The Indian Supreme Court lifted the ban on the country’s crypto money in recent weeks. On top of that, crypto companies began to cooperate with banks again.

This decision of the Supreme Court pleased many investors. Because the crypto money sector in the country started to develop again after this ban was lifted. Cryptocurrency giant Binance also wants to play a role in this development process.

Will Invest
Binance recently bought the cryptocurrency company WazirX in India. This move of Binance brought to mind the question “Is Binance entering the Indian sector?”.

Binance, now shown as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is now beginning to play a more active role in India. The company, which has established a new fund called “Blockchain in India”, plans to invest a total of $ 50 million in companies across the country.

Starting to evaluate domestic crypto companies, Binance is considering investing up to $ 5 million in each company. The company will support domestic cryptocurrency companies with these investments and will accelerate the development of the industry.


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