Cardano support includes suspending ADA deposits and withdrawals on Binance for approximately five hours. Trade will still continue.


Transactions on Binance

Binance announced on February 27 that its trading platform will support Cardano network upgrade and hard fork. Platform ADA ko deposits and withdrawals at the time of Turkey on March 1, 19: will suspend starting from 00. Binance expects to restore the full service until 00:45.

The stock market also stated that trade would not be affected. Cardano will not create new coins. Also, as soon as the network is stable, the exchange will continue to be in full service.


Cardano broke a record

The upgrade comes at an exciting time for the project in terms of the market. Cardano hit an all-time high today, hitting $ 1.48.

ADA’s market value started with a significant increase in December 2020. Now its market value is at the level of $ 47 billion.


Cardano update

On March 1, the Goguen update brings changes to the platform that keep Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on top. The rise of DeFi platforms in 2020 demonstrated the need for interoperability, high-speed throughput and lower transaction costs.

While many projects want to connect, Cardano is also working on interconnections at deeper levels. On February 26, the project team announced their support for the Glow development language. The integration is designed to help developers work across ecosystems.


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