The F150 brand is a smartphone company founded by a few adventurous friends this year. The aim of the company is to produce smart phones that are suitable for adventure lovers and meet their needs. The company is very close to terminating its newest phone for this purpose. The name of the phone, which is expected to be introduced at the beginning of 2021, was determined as Bison 2021.


Bison 2021 ultra rugged smartphone specifications and release date
The phone is equipped with the MediaTek Helio G25 chipset. The phone has a 5.86-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display. The phone has an 8000mAh battery optimized for long-term use. The device has 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The phone has two different modes; It is specially designed for both professional life and outdoor life. It is possible to switch between these two modes by pressing a button on the side of the phone. The phone has been specially produced for tough and heavy conditions and has a plastic body.

The phone is especially ideal for users who work in heavy working conditions and who love adventure. At the same time, the phone, designed for daily use, offers long-term uninterrupted use with an 8000mAh battery. The phone is expected to be introduced in early 2021 and will be available in a short time. The selling price of the phone has not yet been announced by the company.


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