Cryptocurrency markets have been going through mixed trading sessions recently. But Bitcoin and Ripple whales are at work despite market fluctuations. Bitcoin and Ripple whales have displaced hundreds of millions in recent days. So why did these cryptocurrencies move?

Bitcoin and Ripple whales displaced hundreds of millions

One of the largest Bitcoin whales on record transferred 21,315 Bitcoins worth about $ 400 million to an unknown wallet. Before the transaction, the sending wallet was the 34th largest registered Bitcoin whale in the world, according to BitInfoCharts. The wallet address got the first BTC on Monday, but this wallet now looks like a zero balance.

According to crypto researcher, about 16,315.2 BTC in the transaction were sent to an unknown wallet and 5,000 BTC to another unknown wallet. At the time of writing, none of the Bitcoins moved again. It is not known to which cryptocurrency company or individual the respective wallets are affiliated with.

Ripple moved 150 million XRP to an unknown wallet

Whale Alert, a follower of major cryptocurrency transactions, also reports on a major crypto move by San Francisco payment company Ripple. Ripple recently moved 150 million XRP worth about $ 84 million to an unknown wallet. According to Bithomp, the fee in XRP Ledger for the transaction was only 0.0005 XRP.

The unknown wallet has received numerous XRP transactions from Ripple in the past. A few of the last processes are; 50 million XRP from Ripple on December 1, 27 million XRP on November 4, 42 million XRP on October 1, 47 million XRP on September 3, 39 million XRP on August 19 and 26.5 on August 1. over million XRP.

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What is the latest in Bitcoin and Ripple price?

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, is trading at $ 17,830, down 3 percent at the time of writing. Ripple, the third largest cryptocurrency, is trading at $ 0.55, down 4.7 percent at the time of writing.


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