Good news came from Ethereum on Bitcoin’s birthday. Ethereum, affected by the continuation of the Bitcoin increase, has crossed the $ 800 band with a new break.

Many altcoins also benefited from the rise in the event that took place after Bitcoin pushed the $ 34,000 level.

Ethereum, which could not see the $ 800 levels for a long time, managed to catch the $ 800 band during the day. We see that it has not reached this level, which was captured in March 2018, for a long time.

We are witnessing crazy numbers in the last week, which has been very productive for the crypto world. Bitcoin’s surpassing $ 34,000 this week after the $ 30,000 band has been a beneficial rise for Ethereum. ETH, which was in the $ 700 band last week, went up $ 800 this week with a significant increase.

Apart from the fact that 2020 is called the year of disasters, we can also say that it is a “yield month” for cryptocurrencies. Because, after the crypto crisis in 2018-2019, many altcoins, especially Bitcoin, started to rise in 2020. Ethereum has seen an increase of almost 550% in 2020.

Ethereum is closely following the increase in Bitcoin by 73% since the second week of December and gaining value. Although the last week has witnessed a small decline, this is well known by traders who follow the crypto world closely.

Following this increase in the morning hours, it is seen that the deep-rooted altcoin, which started to increase rapidly, experienced a sudden jump in the afternoon, first exceeding the $ 840 band and then the $ 900 band. It is listing just below the $ 900 level, although it has experienced some decline for now.

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At the time of writing, Ethereum’s market cap is trading at $ 896 and continues to push the $ 900 band.


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