Bitcoin miners managed to set a new record during the halving yesterday.

With the halving held in the 630th block yesterday, the block reward in Bitcoin was reduced to 6.25 BTC. This 4-year-old day was a very special day for many cryptocurrency traders around the world. Alp Işık, who we know from BlockchainIST, also organized a special event with Aytunç Yıldız and brought together the leading names of the domestic crypto money community. Thus, it has been celebrated like a New Year in both domestic and global crypto money community.

Bitcoin miners set a record for this special day. This record was a hash rate record, as you can imagine. Miners who started working as hard as possible before the awards were reduced to 6.25, managed to break the all-time record.

As can be guessed, this ratio started to decrease after halving. But what is really curious for now; How long this decline in hash rate will continue. Bitcoin price needs to stabilize a bit before miners can answer the ‘ok or not’ question, but this does not seem possible. Because BTC has been very volatile especially in the last 2 days.


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