Bitcoin price broke another record. The price has broken $ 25,000. This level means a new ATH for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin beat yesterday’s record

Bitcoin surpassed yesterday’s record of $ 24,600, surpassing $ 25,000.

While the decline to the $ 24,000 level yesterday showed the possibility of a collapse, the opposite happened and BTC suddenly rose to $ 25,009.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin declined slightly to $ 24,700.

Bitcoin price strengthening in 2020

Bitcoin’s dominance in the cryptocurrency market towards the end of the year is not a new trend. We saw this during the famous bull rally in 2017.

There may be a reversal in January, but Michaël van de Poppe said, “Bitcoin dominance peaked in December in recent years. He did this every year. It is necessary to evaluate the likelihood of this repeating itself by combining it with the current sentiment particularly regarding altcoins. My expectation for the first quarter of 2021 is rising ”

Although Bitcoin is still facing a sale in early 2021, the sentiment surrounding the market will remain cheerful if investors want to make a profit. Because Bitcoin is now breaking its new ATHs.


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