Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy company, which has invested heavily in crypto money, made statements about Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy company is one of the companies closely followed by the cryptocurrency community with the high amounts of Bitcoin (BTC) statements it has received. So much so that after the company’s purchase of Bitcoin, it was even reflected in these prices, and investors were encouraged by this step.

In light of these acquisitions, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced his high expectations about Bitcoin.

In an interview, Saylor referred to Bitcoin’s place in the global economic environment and stated that he sees the Bitcoin standard as the 21st century solution to the problem of finding an independent store of value.

The famous Bitcoin bull, which holds $ 4.5 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC) in the company’s treasury, says that Bitcoin is a destructive force unlike other big tech companies or innovations of the last century:

“Bitcoin is objectively the fastest growing, most destructive power in the world right now. In 12 years, it went from 0 to 1 trillion dollars. This makes it a powerful technology. Stronger than Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google and anything else in our lives. ”

The CEO also says that there is a common misconception that Bitcoin should be viewed as a currency and therefore can compete with national currencies. He points out to Saylor that this is more accurately described as a crypto asset and therefore poses far less of a threat to fiat currencies than fixed currencies.


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