Tesla CEO Elon Musk portrayed a discussion about Bitcoin (BTC) price. Musk started the discussion by tweeting that the company’s stock was “too high.” Thereupon, the BTC community has revealed a new trend, stating that the price of Bitcoin is very low.

Meanwhile, investors reacted to the unusual statement by lowering Tesla’s shares by 12 percent within an hour.

They Responded To Musk!
In response to the popular name Elon Musk, everyone involved in the cryptocurrency community on Twitter tweeted that the BTC price is actually very low. This caused a sudden start of a new furia. The market value of the leading electric car manufacturer surpassed Bitcoin once again in April. Bitcoin analyst Tuur Demeester claimed that Tesla’s appreciation was “at the top” compared to BTC. The analyst is happy now that everyone looks the same.

Tweet Storm from Musk
His tweet about Tesla was just one part of Musk’s latest Twitter comments. Charismatic billionaire expresses that people are given their freedom back. Musk announced that he would sell all of his physical assets in connection with this.

In his last statements, Musk likens quarantine events to “fascism” and states that this should be terminated as soon as possible.


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