Once again, Bitcoin could not last over the $ 10,000 area. However, leading investors in the cryptocurrency field continue to rise in BTC due to the unification of macroeconomic factors.

Qualified traders say that by 2020, Bitcoin is likely to revisit the all-time high price of $ 20,000. Considering the current price of Bitcoin, it needs to live a 112% rally to reach $ 20,000.

Morgan Creek Partner: Bitcoin (BTC) Will Be $20K This Year

Morgan Creek Digital partner Jason Williams believes that Bitcoin will reach $ 20,000 by October. In a recent tweet, he argued that such a performance would make Bitcoin relatively “World Class” within a short period of time.

The leading Bitcoin investor did not elaborate on the evidence to support this forecast. Still, in previous talks, she explained why she expects the BTC to rise 100% in the next four to five months.

In an interview with Thinking Crypto in May, Williams believed that the cryptocurrency industry is in a position similar to the internet industry in the mid-1990s. So there is a chance that Bitcoin will potentially perform a bigger rally in the coming years.

Mark Yusko and Anthony Pompliano, who have mutual views with Williams, are expecting much more upswing. Other Morgan Creek Digital co-founders see BTC as the “rocket fuel” for BTC, which means that the big money prints and halving of the block reward by central banks are so obvious.

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