Bitcoin (BTC) has recently received remarkable approval by the giant automotive brand. British car maker Land Rover added Bitcoin to the market among the events that took place in the last 50 years in its video prepared for the 50th birthday event of Range Rover, which is shown among the most important models of the company.

Land Rover Accepts Bitcoin

Land Rover, headquartered in the UK, is known as a worldwide automobile manufacturer with premium and luxury sports cars. The most respected model of the company in the last 50 years is accepted as Range Rover.

Wanting to celebrate this important anniversary, Land Rover recently released a special video. In addition to how the SUV has evolved over these 50 years, the video also includes several significant global events that have occurred over the same period.

These include historical events such as Mark Spitz winning seven gold medals at the 1972 Summer Olympics, the launch of MTV in 1981, and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. As the video progressed, the beginning of the Bitcoin network took place as an important event of 2009.

This has become part of the Bitcoin support trend, which comes from world-famous brands, especially in recent days. At the beginning of the year, topics about cryptocurrencies and blockchain took place in the popular TV show Simpsons. The proud part was that Bitcoin was mentioned as the money of the future.

Land Rover’s interest in cryptocurrencies is not limited to the anniversary video. The company also started working to develop a smart wallet application on its vehicles. After the application is released, such information will be transmitted to the navigation provider in the event that the drivers are stuck in traffic jams or go through the pits, and in return, the drivers will win IOTA.


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