Cyber ​​Capital CEO Justin Bons has criticized it by making a comment regarding Bitcoin updates. Bons claimed that there was no improvement in scaling, noting some of the shortcomings in the network. Bons also said that BTC developers have removed the popular payment protocol BIP70.

Nikita Zhavoronkov, one of the developers of Blockchain, made a statement on these comments of Bons. Zhavoronkov stated that by supporting Bons, there has been no development in Bitcoin for 5 years, and BTC developers have deceived people. The famous name used the following statements: “For more than 5 years, there has not been a single real development for Bitcoin. The only thing developers actually do is stop Bitcoin from growing and prevent privacy. ”

There were also Reactors and Participants

While there were many people who participated in the views of Bons and Zhavoronkov, these statements also caused criticism. A crypto tracker who expressed his reaction on Twitter used the following statements:

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“To understand exactly why Btc is the hardest coin, a lot of brain power should not be needed. Being unable to change the protocol is what makes it unique and different from all other shitcoins. ”

Apart from that, some users stated that there were no problems in the BTC network, and if there were any problems, BTC developers would fix this problem.


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