Raoul Pal, CEO of Global Macro Investor, made a new forecast about the price of Bitcoin. Pal announced that Bitcoin could go up to $ 1 million in the future.

Today, there are those who say that Bitcoin will go up to 20-30 thousand dollars, and that says it will go up to 100 thousand dollars. Raoul Pal points to a much larger number than these and says that the price of Bitcoin can go up to $ 1 million. For this, the Bitcoin market must be bigger than gold, so the market value of Bitcoin must exceed 10 trillion dollars. .

Environment Suitable
Raoul Pal believes that Bitcoin can achieve this because, in his view, “all conditions are met” required for Bitcoin to rise. Thinking that Bitcoin is ready for a bull run, Pal says that the end of this run can end at $ 400,000 and potentially at $ 1 million.

According to Pal’s estimates, this dynamism in Bitcoin price will be fueled by the developments in the world economy. Saying that many central banks are “printing money like crazy”, Pal thinks this monetary expansion will benefit Bitcoin. At this point, Pal reminds that the halving of Bitcoin is also approaching and reminds that Bitcoin is on the way to monetary tightening, while the whole world is on the way of monetary expansion.

Saying that the demand has increased while the supply is decreasing, Pal points to 1 million dollars. But while he says this, he does not neglect to emphasize that he may be “wrong”.


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