Bitcoin, one of the important investment tools of recent years, has exceeded the level of 10 thousand dollars. Bitcoin, which lastly rose to $ 10,000 on June 3, has steadily declined to date. The cryptocurrency is especially noteworthy with a rise of around 11 percent in the past week.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which investors have been following closely in recent years, has been making investors smile for the last few days. Rising by 11 percent in the last 7 days, Bitcoin exceeded the $ 10,000 limit for the first time after the beginning of June. Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 10,125 (about $ 69,300).

Bitcoin had finally hit $ 10,000 on June 3, and after this rise it had steadily declined. Now the situation is reversed. In addition, Bitcoin has made its investors smile in the last 24 hours. Because, according to Coindesk’s data, Bitcoin has increased by 2.55 percent in the last 24 hours. Experts say the rise is up to $ 15,000.

Vijay Ayyar, one of the Luno officials, a cryptocurrency exchange, announced that the critical stage for now is $ 10,500. Ayyar says that Bitcoin can push the $ 15,000 level if this critical threshold opens. However, it should be remembered that the realization of this situation is in the hands of the playmakers. Ayyar underlines this situation and states that the moves of big investors will determine the future of Bitcoin.

The coronavirus epidemic that deeply affected our lives in 2020 seriously disrupted the global economy. The epidemic that shook even the largest economies in the world led most of the investors to gold. Known as the safest investment port in the world, gold seems to break historical records, while Bitcoin seems to take its part. According to experts, the drop in Bitcoin is not something to be expected, especially nowadays.

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Ayyar states that the epidemic did not affect Bitcoin much, and even this situation is a great advantage for Bitcoin. Stating that investors also evaluate stocks and other investment instruments, Ayyar says that the incentives and support packages announced by the governments will benefit all investment instruments.

Ayyar says that the support packages announced to date allow the evaluation of both Bitcoin and other investment tools. Stating that if such incentive packages are announced, things can get even better, adding that Bitcoin, gold and stocks may continue to rise in the coming period. Ayyar thinks that the rise in Bitcoin will also affect altcoins directly.


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