The digital currency Bitcoin reached the level of 50 thousand dollars, reaching its highest amount ever.

Bitcoin broke a new record by updating the highest level it has reached since its emergence, during these times when crypto coins were very popular. Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, reached an all-time high after staying at its best level last week. Thus, Bitcoin continues to be the most valuable cryptocurrency by rising above the $ 50,000 level.

Bitcoin prices had declined further after cryptocurrency fell out of favor. However, the crypto money, which has been on the rise again, has increased its value 5 times in the last 1 year. In 2021, it showed an increase of 67 percent. Bitcoin hit the $ 30,000 level on January 27th. The value of the crypto currency, which has drawn a fluctuating graphic since this date, has reached its highest level as of today. Thus, the crypto money gained a 66 percent value in 20 days.

It is possible to say that Elon Musk has a huge impact on this unavoidable rise of Bitcoin. Because Tesla, of which Elon Musk is the CEO, made an investment of $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. As a result of this investment, the crypto money continues to increase its value day by day. In addition, some US companies have spread the use of crypto money among their customers and helped Bitcoin and the like. Thus, crypto coins reach high prices again and add value to their value day by day.

In addition, it seems that the investments will not be limited to the companies we mentioned. Because Morgan Stanley, one of the leading companies in the USA, announced that he was considering investing in Bitcoin. With these investments, we can say that Bitcoin is moving towards new records.

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Finally, let’s state that the current value of Bitcoin is $ 52,800, which corresponds to TL 368,000.


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