Bitcoin Hashrate Made A Historical Leap. Offering the computing power of all the hardware used to produce Bitcoin, the hashrate made a big leap. With this leap, Hashrate reached an all-time high, breaking a historic record.

Bitcoin is currently at $ 8,500 level. However, the halving is approaching and the community hopes that the leading cryptocurrency will appreciate significantly. According to new data from , Bitcoin hashrate reached its highest value on March 1. The rate rose to 136.2 TH / s as of March 1. This is a high of all previous times higher than 119 EH / s. Bitcoin also made a serious leap compared to the previous day. On February 29, this figure was 109 TH / s.

Bitcoin Stagnant But Network Strengthens

Despite the current stagnation in BTC price increase, the network continues to strengthen. While some crypto experts assume that a few miners may start shutting down their equipment after halving, more mining equipment seems to be joining the network so far.

Previously, blockchain expert Alex de Vries has stated that 98 percent of Bitcoin mining machines will soon become e-waste as they are about to go out of fashion. Meanwhile, the hashrate rate has reached the all-time high of 136.2 TH / s. The more people participate in the process, the higher the rate.

The overall hashrate has been steadily increasing since the beginning of the year, but the recent spike indicates a sharp increase.


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