Top crypto trader and analyst Plan B (@ 100TrillionUSD) had an interview with Peter McCormack to discuss the famous S2F model and the future of Bitcoin (BTC).

Analyst PlanB recently released an important revision in the ‘stock-flow’ model made in line with the cross-asset approach. While the model’s excessive sense of bulge remained untouched, some figures have been changed in the new version.

Bitcoin (BTC) Moves to the Next Level
PlanB emphasized that there are similar ‘stock flow’ models for different assets in the financial world. This allows us to better understand the limitations of Bitcoin (BTC) between ‘competitors’.

Plan B also announced that Bitcoin (BTC) is approaching the fourth major phase in its history. In the first stage, BTC was nothing more than a toy, in the second stage it reached $ 1 and began to be treated as a parity with the US Dollar. In the third stage, with the adoption and increase in price, BTC turned into Gold (XAU) parity.

Now BTC is on the verge of the fourth phase and Bitcoin (BTC) situation is much better. Since it is now a financial instrument, the concept is far beyond e-cash and e-Gold. At the same time, this is something that has never been seen in terms of global financial assets. A convicted nation may decide to use Bitcoin (BTC) for cross-border settlements, the analyst said he would not be surprised if this happened.

Stock-Flow Model Verified
Speaking about his model, Plan B showed that even with more detailed data for more detailed time periods, the validity of his analysis was confirmed by a significant amount of research. Even the new model does not redefine the role of constraint in increasing total value.


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