Twitter, Wikipedia, and even Google search activity point to a world still unaware of the leading asset Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) gained 30% in a week and reached $ 23,777 on December 16th. However, the data show that most people in the world do not yet know this area.

According to graphs that track public awareness of what Bitcoin has been doing lately, the interest is not exactly what it was when it hit an all-time high in 2017 three years ago.

Trend status

Anyone who regularly reads crypto Twitter, officially known as “CT”, can have the impression that the entire social network revolves around Bitcoin price movements in 2020.

This is not the case, but statistics show that beyond CT, Bitcoin’s highs and lows this year are not very trending.

The status quo has just begun to change. However, tweet levels were about January 2018 levels, after Bitcoin fell slightly below $ 20,000, according to the analysis source TheTIE.

As the price moves step by step, Twitter activity is indicative of an odd reversal in sentiment when it comes to Bitcoin and mainstream. Consumers who saw the headlines about price bubbles and criminal intrigue seem to have completely rejected crypto, except for the odd surprise promotional campaign.

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Wikipedia shows no desire to learn about Bitcoin

The theory is correct when looking at the popularity of Bitcoin on Wikipedia. Page views in December 2020 indicate a small increase in normally flat terrain.

Compared to January 2018, there is no competition at all. The appetite for learning what Bitcoin is was much higher than it is today.

Interestingly, the crisis surrounding Covid-19 and its impact on the markets in March, coupled with Bitcoin’s record recovery reaching an all-time high, failed to attract the attention of the majority.

Few are looking for Bitcoin on Google

Finally, a global measure of what Internet users are looking for highlights the level of inclination towards Bitcoin and its transformational potential.

Perhaps the most surprising graph, according to Google Trends data, the term “Bitcoin” is less popular this week compared to early December or even November.

Even the halving of May has become more popular than this week’s all-time high price.

All of the evidence points to the fact that even though Bitcoin is a different entity than it was three years ago, it hasn’t even touched mainstream consciousness. However, institutions are already ahead of the game.

Commenting on this phenomenon, popular Twitter account Polkadot Brown said that their personal connections were only ready to buy – paradoxically – when BTC / USD hits all-time highs.

“This is the mentality of most retail investors,” says Brown.


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