Bitcoin has surpassed the $ 50,000 level with the attack it made this week. While the crypto money market reached a value of 1.5 trillion dollars, many currencies reached historical heights with incredible rises.

With the onset of the pandemic, Bitcoin, which went down to $ 3500 and the investor almost escaped, has added a new one to its records today. In a period of about 1 year, patient investors earned around 14 times.

Historical record from bitcoin
Recently, the great mobility experienced on the corporate side has directly reflected on the Bitcoin price. The MicroStrategy investment group acquisition, Tesla firm’s $ 1.5 billion purchase of BTC, and many mutual funds buying Bitcoin from the top were already harbingers of the rise.

A new record was broken this week and the Bitcoin price exceeded $ 50,000. Bitcoin price has been pulled to the level of $ 49500 at the moment and will try to push up again. Since there is not much resistance in front of him, he may not have difficulty in his goals.

Bitcoin’s rise is dragging the market with it. While the Ethereum price was around $ 1800, Cardano surprisingly hit the 10 cents mark, becoming the fourth largest coin in the market. Polkadot also settled in fifth place with $ 30. Ripple, on the other hand, fell to sixth place despite rising to 55 cents. The total value of the market was 1.5 trillion dollars.


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