Bitcoin succeeded in becoming the first digital asset to surpass $ 1 trillion in market value. While Tesla alone surpasses companies like Tencent, it is also forcing Google and silver.

Bitcoin, which gained significant momentum at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, has now started to push towards the $ 55000 limit. Bitcoin, which corporate structures also started to buy, broke a record in terms of total market value.

The first digital asset
While Bitcoin reached the $ 55000 limit with its attack today, it reached a market value of $ 1.012 trillion when the total circulating money supply is taken into account. Thus, it earned the title of being the first digital asset to exceed $ 1 trillion in the investment world.

The most valuable asset in the investment world is undoubtedly gold, with a total market value of 11 trillion. The second Apple is worth $ 2.18 trillion. The third Saudi Aramco has a market value of 2.037 trillion dollars.

Silver has made drastic moves, especially with the WallStreet Bet moves, and is ahead of Bitcoin with a market value of $ 1.5 trillion. Bitcoin thus became the asset with the eighth highest market value. As BTC excavation will continue in the coming years, the total market value will continue to increase.

Bitcoin’s unstoppable rise is also driving the market. Ethereum’s history hit a record, reaching the $ 2000 level. BNB is already the third-largest currency and has surpassed the $ 310 level during the day. While the CAKE unit pushed the $ 20 limit, another farming project BAKE went up eight-fold in a few days to reach the $ 2.5 limit.


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